Blessed to Begin Our Sixth Session of the IHF Trade Skills Program!

Beginning in May, IHF will initiate its sixth trade skill session which to date has blessed over forty young people. Besides existing offerings, our newest addition is small engine repair. This one has great value because of so many two stroke motors used in chainsaws, weed eaters, generators, motorcycles, etc.

As in past sessions, the age demographic is grade eight students selected by our Belize board in consultation with the village school administration. This is to ensure that those   accepted are reliable, respectful of authority, have a strong desire to learn, and are from very impoverished families.

IHF is also examining new ways for older teens who could not afford high school to receive learning opportunities. Besides apprentiships, two organizations under consideration are  YWCA and Advant: Trades for Life located in nearby Belmopan. YWCA offers afternoon and evening courses including culinary arts, barbering, sewing, cosmetology, computer training, etc. twice a week for three months. The cost per course is $250.00 CDN.

Advant is a US ministry offering six weeks of skills training taught by retirees escaping    winter’s chill. Students are boarded, taught specific trades and mentored up through Bible and life skills teachings. Once again, the cost is very reasonable and well suited for older youth from our village. We’ll keep you posted as to how things progress.

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