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Founts of Living Water

In the spring of 2017, Water Ambassadors Canada planted an amazing outreach in Armenia. Even though there is a large community water cistern and underground piping connecting it to homes, it’s not purified. And yet many drink it resulting in numerous intestinal diseases. Unfortunately, treating it is a massive undertaking requiring money that is simply not there.

To clean enough water for the village schools, Water Ambassadors Canada brought in portable purification systems and tanks resulting in nearly four hundred students having adequate supply.

This initiative is now being expanded to village churches with the first installed at Living Waters. Besides serving the needs of village parishioners, others live well beyond the pipes relying on polluted roof retention systems and wells.

Now members receive a double blessing when attending services…being fed the living waters of the Holy Spirit as well as clean drinking water to carry back home. Wow, isn’t that evangelism at its very best?

It seems so fitting that the work has begun with this church. Besides serving as a pastor, Philberto is also a gifted mural painter which include lush jungle and  pristine waterfalls and lakes. While doing the one at the front of his church many years ago, he never thought that one day his fellowship would begin this life saving initiative.

With nearly seventeen churches in the village, the work has just begun. If you wish to bless one by purchasing a water tank, please contact us at The cost per unit $550.00 CDN.

If you wish to find out more about the Water Ambassadors Canada, check out their website at

Check out the video of Paster Philberto and his wife expressing deep gratitude for the wonderful blessing.

The Gift of Living Water

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