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IHF Update - Summer 2020

Up from the Ground!

In April 2020, at the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, many in our village of Armenia suffered greatly due to job loss and the meager incomes they provided.

Phase One of IHF’s response was focussed on providing emergency food relief to those in desperate need. Even though it was an amazing experience for our students to deliver these love offerings, it disappeared quickly and shortages remain.

Phase Two is our long term endeavour generating localized food security. Over the past four months, on our Loforna base as well as students’ homes, vegetable gardens were cultivated, fruit trees planted, and chicks raised for meat and eggs. As you see in the video below, they are so eager to share their impressive results.

The pandemic has clearly shown the need for regaining food security by reclaiming ancestral and traditional ways of producing it as they have for hundreds of years. Tragically, like us, they have become too dependent on processed foods bought with great expense in grocery stores.

We wish to thank all those who gave generously to make this happen. In addition to existing educational programs, providing for daily needs through local means and ways is a most welcomed addition.

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